Anonymous said: Thank you so much for this! So hard to find pictures or gifs of the baby dragons. Definitely gonna be using this blog for a reference in the future. Much love <3

You’re very welcome, and I’m glad. This blog was originally created just for refs of the elders from the first game, but I decided to expand it.

I hope it helps a lot of people!

mrmcdurfy said: I seriously cant get enough of this blog, I am a huge dragon fan and it is literatly due to this little fictional purple dragon that ive been attached to since early child hood, what am i on about spyro is my child hood. if you like dragons i do have an entire blog just for dragon related things, and my magpie blog is for all the shiny things they love. if you would like to check out the dragon blog it is called dailydoseofdragons. thank you for my childhood.

You’re very welcome! I hope that this blog brought a smile to many other faces, too!

I love dragons, and I love your blog. I’ll leave this here so others can find it, as well!

That’s all for the dragons from the first three games, folks! Sorry to have spammed some of you with them; I’m sure you got tired of seeing them. However, I wanted to show all of the names and a bunch of different poses and angles for those who might need dragon refs for drawing or other things.

Remember, you can use the links on the front of my page to find a specific dragon or thing you want, as long as I’ve uploaded it. You can also send me comments, questions, or screenshot requests through my ask box any time!